07/12/2005 :

The site has been redesigned, now you can register in the forum section and be a member of the Acid arena monster blast community.

01/12/2005 :
Mac port is now available (thanx Unas), go to the download section or use this direct link ( just unzip this archive in you Acid Arena Directory
and run the executable file )

A Brand new map is out, outdoor sports are good for you !! click here to
download directly
or jump to the download section. This pack also includes
a new version of the Pinkgarden map.

Just unzip the archive in your Acidarena/baseq3 directory ...

04/11/2005 :

A new deathmatch map is now available and it's called The Mole Spot, don' t hesitate to grab it in the download section. if you don' t want to be kicked from the server when it runs it !
You may also download it with this link.

Just unzip the archive in your Acidarena/baseq3 directory ...

29/10/2005 :

How to get in ?
1 : Just download the latest version of the game and extract the three archives
(right click > extract here)
2 : Launch the Alternate Fire mod
3 : Push Multiplayer
4 : Push SPECIFY and give this adress : cannibalcaniche.com

enjoy !

03/09/2005 :

Hi freaks,
Acid ARena Monster Blast is back from the grave !
Part 2 and part 3 were missing during several months but now you can download it.

Sorry for the big big delay !

25/08/2004 :

Acid Arena Monster blast is unleashed !!!
Yes ! the most psychedelic hard rock FPS around the universe is back
in its third version.Download the 4 archives you need and frag some
dirty heavy metal monsters
Don't forget to send me some feedback, suggestions,
whatever you want !

So what's in it ?
4 great new maps, 10 brand new opponents (a total of 23 maps and 52 characters ! )
ready to burn your tiny white trash ass. Mainly all the weapons have been re-designed.
Now Acid Arena Monster Blast supports mods, find some in the download section
( akimbo mod : shoot with two,weapons), Corkscrew ( railgun only and decapitation )
and Alternate Fire ( each weapon has two functions, there's also tons of cool new
features like dynamic jumps, new items etc ... )
Don't forget to download these mods because all the new maps are made for being
used with the fabulous Alternate fire mod ( the mods are downloadable separately )
This mod is Great, it drastically changes the game

03/06/2004 :
Acid Arena Monster blast is mainly finished, still need a couple of weeks to complete it ! It will support mods like Akimbo weapon ( shoot with two weapons at a time), Corskrew (railgun feast : ), Alternate fire ( velocity maps, it means that you can perform long and short jumps. Proximity grenades, homing missiles, psykatomik bombs, lightning webs, liquid metal armors etc .. ). See this couple of screen shots and read the comments to know more !
It will be packed in two big zip files around 80 MB each, every weapon has been re-designed and it will include 11 new characters and 4 new maps. I plan to do more maps in the near future.

14/09/2003 :
Let me introduce you King Meloud fighting in a brand new arena called Colik , it's a small place full of rocket launchers ( there's no other weapons ! )

13/09/2003 :

Hi there ! And please welcome Simone our new Acid Arena secretary, as i receive so much E-mails from you freaks ! Simone is now in charge of answering your pertinent questions !
So drop Simone your comments questions or anything you like !

03/05/2003 :
I've just finished a new map named The Temple of The Evil Frog , it features a platform at the center and a death pit : ) .I'll include it in a pack with some maps, replacement weapons, characters etc ..

31/05/2003 :
I'm currently working at new opponents to kick your ass ( some Acid Arena users said this game was too easy hehe !! ).Hope it will be ready for download with a few maps around a couple of months.

09/04/2003 :
New death-match map for Acid Arena Turbo
be aware that there's NO BOT SUPPORT for this map,it's only multiplayer !
hey guys,don't forget to write me just to tell me what ya think about
this tricky map ; )

10/02/2002 :
Finally here it is ! Acid Arena Turbo,second version of the ACid ARena project is out !
19 levels, 43 characters... enjoy

xxx ???too drunk /2002 :
added a new map called CTFX

28/7/2002 :

WANTED : acid arena is looking for a coder in order to make some rabbits walk in the Acid Arena maps,this is a serious announce,don't hesitate to hit the contact button.

Added a new arena called Raja, it will be packed with the whole
Acid Arena V2,so..hang on ! Check the screenshots with new characters
in action.I'm actually working at new characters with sounds by Popporu
( the pope of noise electronica ),check his label called Byteburger.
Acid Arena V2 will be ready for download around september.

27/6/2002 :
Added a new arena called Summer Bowl,it's a very large place for about 20 bloody fraggers.

6/6/2002 :

I'm currently working at the second version of the Acid Arena,check the screenshots
at the bottom of the page.CTF mode will now be supported , adding around
10 charcaters with full sounds by Sir Normal.Check this page in a couple
of months.